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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sneaking In A Post

Today is not normally the day I post here, but gosh darn it, the last two weeks I've either been out of town or have just plain forgotten! So I thought I'd sneak one in.

First, do check out my webpage as I have FINALLY updated it: Fiction With Flair!. What do you think? Be gentle now, HTML and I don't get along together well. ;-)

Second, it's fall back time! I.e., turned the clocks back an hour last night, which means I have an extra hour to get things done today. Hmm, wonder if I'll catch up on all the work that's piled up the past couple of months? Hah.

Third, are you already planning for Christmas? If so, you're one of those, I mean, wonderful...people who plan ahead. If so, of course I'd recommend buying copies of books from my website as Christmas gifts. But other than that, what have you got in mind? Do you hand-make your gifts--like me with knitted items, or maybe something painted, baked, crafted with silk flowers and a glue gun? Do you give money or gift certificates, or do you prefer to choose a gift and wrap it? Do you ask the recipient for ideas, or just go shopping and wait for inspiration to strike?

And...what are your funniest Christmas gift disaster stories? Do share!



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