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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Liz Needs...

I've gotten pulled into a "meme," whatever that is. Basically, you type "(your name) needs" into Google and then list the top ten things that come up. Minus, of course, all the other people listing THEIR top ten things. So I typed in "Liz needs" and hit the "go" button and here's what I got:

1) Liz needs a man!

2) Liz needs one more taste of her oozing pastry

3) Elizabeth (Smart) needs protection

4) Liz needs help

5) Agent Liz needs catchy slogan

6) Liz needs a hip display name

7) Liz needs to devise a budget and stick to it

8) Liz needs her voice back

9) Liz needs to just SPILL the truth

10) Liz needs to cry more

Hmm. They all seem kind of depressing. I think this Liz needs a psychiatrist! I like the "hip display name" one, though. ;-)

So, try it out yourself and see what you come up with. Who might inspire you to try something new, just because!



At 5:52 PM, June 28, 2007, Blogger Chris said...

Didn't work for me. I typed in Chris needs and got a gay man's wish list, then I typed in my full legal name and got something very weird, and with the name I use for erotica I got a 13-year old heroine addict's needs.

No more memeing for me.


At 7:21 PM, June 28, 2007, Blogger Elizabeth Delisi said...

LOL! Poor Chris. I'm sorry it didn't work better for you! I just pulled it off someone else's blog and since I found some fun ones, I went with it.


At 7:04 PM, October 20, 2007, Blogger Ashley Ladd said...

Okay, here's my list of what I "need"...

Here goes.

Elaine spend time undergoing complex treatment (oops - for what??? I'd kinda like to know)

Elaine needs...Jeff, it is (First, what does this Jeff look like? Would I like him? Would my husband like him?)

Elaine "get yourself to a Dr. and get tested for AIDS, Hepatitis and other venereal diseases. (yikes!!!)

Elaine transfer logins in SQL (huh??? What's an SQL?)

Elaine needs...a smoke (huh? I don't smoke)

Elaine needs...dry air (well, um, okay)

Elaine needs...this net of scissors shirt. (what's a net of scissors shirt?)

Elaine needs...a copy of her 1977 Edition of "Keys to Chemistry" textbook

Elaine needs...a Spiritual Direct Deposit (well, okay...)

Elaine needs...A Time Out For Bad Behavior (oops! Just how bad was I?)

Elaine needs...a better ear for language (yeah, just ask my editor)

Elaine needs...some toilet paper (yeah, always - well, you know where)

Elaine go asap (to go WHERE?)

Elaine of all backgrounds and abilities (ooh la la)


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