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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Just My Day

Just my day to blog, so I'm chiming in officially before the stroke of midnight on my day. I noticed no one had posted our newly released anthology, so I posted it below. Not sure what to talk about. Maybe how much I love when daylight savings time ends.

That's just it, I love when it ends because of the extra hour of sleep. It's just for one night, but it seems it lasts until the time changes an hour ahead again. Dh didn't like it too much though. He had to work last night and instead of 12 hours, he had to work 13.

Another thing to talk about: I heard on the news the other morning about more women over the age of fifty starting a family. Can you imagine? I turned fifty this year and I'm glad that part of my life is over. Now I can spoil my grandson, keep him a couple of weeks at a time and send him home to terrorize his parents (evil grin).

One more thing: Dh and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary Wednesday. He was off that day and grilled steaks and the largest baked potato I ever saw. I ordered me a new laptop for a present and I'm getting him a tiller.

Rant: My laptop was supposed to get here Saturday. Around 7pm I called Fedex (who I usually love) and asked about it. They told me I could still get it and the driver was probably just running late. I usually always get deliveries before 5pm when it comes from Fedex. So, I called them back at 8:30pm and they said it could still get here. My son and his friend got here about 11pm and called them and they said I wouldn't get it until Tuesday.

What!!! Tuesday, why not Sunday or Monday. They did say if it was on the express truck it could possibly come on Sunday but not Monday. I still didn't get an answer as to why not Monday.

We talked to the Supervisor of all of the company today. They said as it turned out the truck never left on Saturday and they would find out why. They tried to get in touch with someone at their office here without any luck. So, it will still be Tuesday, but I get a refund for shipping costs.

The funny thing is, it's going to take longer to get to me from my local office than from Mobile, Alabama to the local office. My package was loaded on the truck for delivery at 7:45am Saturday morning but never made it to my house. We waited on it all day. I had someone here until I could get here. I jumped up from my chair every time I heard a car/truck go down the road. And the local office is closed on Monday and that's why it will be Tuesday.

Trying to keep it short tonight, though I may have failed. Have a great week everyone.


At 10:38 AM, October 30, 2006, Blogger Elizabeth Delisi said...

So sorry about the mixup with your shipping, Kim. Seems to happen a lot! I just hate it when I'm waiting for something, I know it's nearby and I can't get my hands on it! Hope you get it today...



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