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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Technology...should be a four-letter word...

The Yarnspinners

Hi all.
It's Thursday...for another 46 minutes. It's not Wednesday. Wednesday is my blogging day. I've missed several Wednesdays in a row...sometimes because I've been uber-busy(making changes in one of the two manuscripts I'm working on has created the cutest little jigsaw puzzle!)(I'm also working on restoring a Christening pillow in Polish needle lace made by a 17 year old girl in Poland in 1912)...sometimes because I couldn't think of anything to say.

Okay, I'll admit that some of those are excuses...I'm not a lover of blogging. I have a hard time getting past the thought that there's anything I could possibly have to say that people would want to read. Kind of an interesting attitude for a writer, wouldn't you say? LOL

However, this is the second week that technology has been the culprit. I don't even pretend not to be the most computer stupid human on the face of the earth. I am. I'm professionally computer stupid. So when my darling husband said we just had to have this new thing called a router so someone else could be online at the same time as I--like I'd ever try to hog the Internet--fritzed on me at 8:00 AM Wednesday morning, I suddenly wanted to do nothing more than to blog.

I had so much to say. Things I was sure had the potential to change the world...I've completely finished all my Christmas shopping...My son plays in his first concert next Tuesday night after a mere 12 weeks of instruction...My daughter has a 4.4 GPA...Our Thanksgiving was perfect...Earth shattering things. Or maybe just this great new recipe I found for tequilla chicken with cashews.

Now, granted, with this object, everyone in the house really can be online at the same time if they want. However, when I got the error box saying Aol couldn't make the connection and my server said it was that router, the walls started closing in on me. I couldn't be still. My editing skills hid under the bed and refused to come out. I called my mother and two of my sisters just to talk. I gave the dog a bath. I cleaned out the fridge. I washed, dried and ironed curtains. The only thing the lack of Internet didn't force me to do...strip and rewax the floors. I hate doing that. I had a technological panic attack. Technology did this to me and it was then I decided it should be a 4-letter word. I don't think I'll ever change my mind.

Of course, should someone invent a self-stripping/self-waxing floor, I'm there baby!

Hugs and a glitch-free week to you!


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