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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Maureen's Intro from Oz

Hi! I'm Maureen McMahon...The Yarnspinners' member from Downunder. I lived in Michigan most of my life, but visited Australia some 23 years ago and met the man of my dreams - Peter. I've stayed here ever since.

We have two children, James and KatyAnne - both in their 20's and super kids. We live on a 5 acre farmlet about ten minutes from the ocean. It's a great place to be, though I do sometimes miss my Michigan roots.

I write mysteries that contain both romance and paranormal. I started writing at the age of eight and decided to write my first novel at the age of twelve. It will never see the light of day, but was the catalyst that started me on my writing journey.

I enjoy fishing, games of all sorts and travel. We have a labarador, four cats and a few 'chooks' (Aussie for chickens.)

I hope you all come visit this blog often. If you're interested, check out my books by visiting my website at


At 10:23 PM, August 16, 2006, Blogger Ashley Ladd said...

How exciting it must be to live Down Under, or like Chris, in Canada. I dream of traveling and seeing the world. I joined the Air Force to see the world.

Ha! The Air Force sent me to Omaha, Nebraska first, then to Biloxi, Mississippi, and not once out of the country. I did see more of my own country, not that Omaha is much different than my hometown of Cincinnati - just flatter, with less trees. Being a Yankee in the Deep South was an experience, however.

I've always dreamed of going to Australia and New Zealand and England and Germany.

So far, I had lunch in Canada. Yep, just lunch. That's it. When I was 9 my parents and I vacationed in Saginaw Island, Michicagan (awesome place) and we hopped over the Canadian border to a town called Selina (I think) to have lunch and spend a couple hours.

And my daytime employer sent me to the worst Third World slumbs in the Western Hemisphere in Jamaica and Haiti, on pilgrimage. We serve the poorest of the poor and I'm honored to be allowed to help.

But I'd still like to see some of the nice parts of the world.

I just joined Mary Kay and supposedly they award awesome trips in which they treat you like a queen. That's my goal. Oh! And the pink caddy, of course.


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