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Friday, September 01, 2006

Cover suggestions

Raise your hand if you're an author and you've ever had a book cover. Yes you.

Now raise your hand if you're a reader and have ever seen a book cover.

Have you ever thought what goes into making a book cover?

I only know the process from the author's end. Most publishers give us a cover request form in which we fill out the hero's and heroine's physical characteristics, a couple scenes from the book that we think would make for an exciting cover, and a synopsis and/or scene from the book.

Some publishers don't ask and some don't give specific questionnaires.

It's much harder to decide on the cover when two or more authors and stories are involved. Trying to make a cover specific, yet generic, enough, is tough. That's where our anthology group is at now for our next release.

It's a happy problem and one for which I feel blessed. What's the alternative? Not having our anthology published?

Our next anthology is a paranormal with lots of shivers. There are six stories some ranging from downright horror to sweet paranormal. Kinda hard to come up with an idea to span that.

So, does anyone have any cover ideas for us?

We were sort of thinking something dark and misty, but not Halloweenish. Rather vague, I know. This isn't a romance. In fact, my story has absolutely no love story and you'll see that my secret desire is to be the next Stephen King (well, Stephanie King).

Shoot away! No promises what we or our publisher will decide but our thanks for all shared ideas.



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