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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Midweek computer cat alien blues....

Good morning all...
I imagine this might have been posted a lot earlier if it weren't for computer cat aliens.

My problems first started last Wednesday, so I've been suffering for a week now. First, Yahoo starts bouncing all my group messages...I have about 72 groups. That's a lot of bouncing. Some aren't important; others are... Shortly before that, 350 saved emails from my main email address...ALL important...mysteriously disappeared--but only from that one email address. None of the other five addresses were bothered. Then I worked for three hours last night and another three this morning trying to get signed on to the blogger. Thank you Liz. She also worked for about thirty minutes...doing the same thing I'd done several times. She succeeded.

Now, I can sit here wondering why my computer account likes her better, or I can blame it on alien computer cats. Don't laugh. If you've never seen one, you can't be sure they don't exist. Granted, I'm not a big in-the-house-pet lover. I am a firm supporter of DOG houses, CAT houses (the kind that house actual cats.) If they came up with nice ones, I'd be out there buying TEENAGER houses, and there are times I'd be checking into HUSBAND HOUSES (like when he mows down the lantana because it "looked like a weed to me!"). Unfortunate, I'm the minority in my home.

Now, the dog, Auggie, feels the same way I do about the cat. The dog by the way is the ONLY creature in this house the Dargo actually likes. I get constant "Why???" looks from our poor canine. Until the addition of the cat to our family, I only tolerated that poor dog. Now I buy him huge bones at the butcher. I figure he needs it...and I'm hoping someday he'll just bonk that little furry demon over the more irritation and we'll have a nice little catskin rug.

Over the weekend, my son and I watched a couple documentaries on widespread alien sightings in Mexico. The commentator noted that Mexican residents reported computers, cell phones, and several electrical systems in cars going down for several minutes at a time, along with flicker of lights, and blinks in radio and television service.

Monday the children started their second full week of school. After I let the cat out of his kennel on Monday morning, the problems started. Cable and lights flickering during a storm...a mild one...Yahoo bouncing...etc. Now all those things corrected themselves, but I've had to chase that cat out from behind the TV center about 10 times, and even more from under my computer desk. I've refilled the spray bottle about five times this morning and I'm on my second fly swatter. (the first one is behind the freezer) And now, this blogger thing.

Does anyone know how to say, "Leave my computer alone, you fur-coved alien!" in Mexican?

Until next week, take care. Dargo's in her kennel. I'm off to the butcher for a big bone for Auggie...and a huge chunk of chocolate for Mama!
Stay safe!


At 1:38 PM, August 16, 2006, Blogger Chris said...

I can't believe you keep your kitty in a kennel, Sher. No wonder you're having computer problems. Cat's have witches on speed dial and whatever they want done, they get done, pronto, no questions asked.

I think you better start buying kitty some treats.


At 10:04 PM, August 16, 2006, Blogger Ashley Ladd said...

Hey girlfriend. You've got to give your kitty a break. I'm with Chris all the way.

No matter how naughty or rambunctious my cats get, I still adore them. They are playful, loving creatures, and need space and love, and toys, and treats.

They go nuts when caged or kept out of the action.


At 1:12 AM, August 20, 2006, Blogger Kim Cox said...

Sounds like a plan. You should listen to Chris and Elaine.

At 1:52 PM, August 20, 2006, Blogger Sher said...

Ha! Speed dial? How wonderful! Where can I find her little address book? I'll call them to come get her!
The only time the furry little demon is in the kennel is at night when she's sleeping, or on the way to the vet. She hisses at us when we enter a room, will pounce on whomever she catches sleeping on the couch or floor, and bites, takes running starts and jumps on our backs and hangs on with her claws sunk deep while we're washing dishes or doing laundry, and attacks the vacuum while we're cleaning the floor.
We started with the kennel after she broke three vases I've had sitting out for 16 years. They'd survived 2 kids, five other cats and three dogs. She gets treats, is well fed, and has the run of the house except at night. And trust me, she loves no one, not even Courtney who has had Dargo since she was found in the middle of the street when she was two weeks old, and who bottle fed her for a month afterwards. A few months older and she'll make a great barn cat.


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